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Foods That Heal


110 Year Old Man Suggests These 5 Foods (1:42)

14 Foods That Cleanse The Liver (4:54)

5 Foods To Avoid To Become More Alkaline (3:55)

5 Reasons To Drink Lemon Water Before Breakfast (2:49)

52 Health Benefits Of Papaya (2:21)

Anti Oxidants In A Pinch (3:20)

Avocado: One Of The Best Foods On The Planet (2:09)

Benefits of Bone Broth (1:25)

Benefits of Himalayan Salt (12:31)

Beyond Meat On The Today Show (4:35)

Can We Regrow Teeth? (3:30)

Charlotte Gerson On Cancer and Disease (48:50)

Coconut Oil (00:00)

Coconut Oil In Coffee (5:01)

Coconut Water For Radiant Health (6:06)

Cracking Addiction and Mental Illness through Fish Oils and Other Nutrients (5:46)

Dark Chocolate Is Great For You! (2:53)

Depression Is Just Brain Malnourishment (2:41)

Detox and Weight Loss Drink (3:36)

Do You Need A Water Filter? (15:00)

Don't heat (smoke) cannabis (14:59)

Dr. Mercola: About Alkaline Water Part 1 of 2 (11:51)

Dr. Mercola: About Alkaline Water Part 2 of 2 (4:39)

Easy Seed Sprouting Method (2:37)

Eating Dandelions (3:16)

Edgar Cayce's Castor Oil Revolution (8:18)

Foods That Detox The Body (2:52)

Foods that heal (01:08:00)

Foods That Improve Eyesight (3:19)

From Acid To Alkaline: A Cancer Free Future (7:35)

Fruit Will Save the World (3:17)

Future Soda: Micro-Fermented, Probiotic, Water Kefir Brew (13:09)

Glutathione: The "Mother" Of All Antioxidants (9:36)

Growing Edible Ginger (1:45)

Growing: Peppers vs. Tomatoes (13:03)

Healing With Wild Mushrooms (1:23)

Healthy living with hydrogen peroxide (07:59)

Homemade Cough Medicine Using Vodka, Molasses, Peppermint Candy (6:06)

How To Detox From GMO's (5:63)

How to Heal a Wound Fast & Naturally With Honey (1:42)

How To Keep Avocado Fresh (1:36)

How To Make Fermented Veggies (18:31)

How To Make Homemade Sauerkraut (7:25)

How To Make Milk Kefir (6:10)

How To Naturally Eliminate Heavy Metals (6:43)

Invasive Plant Medicine (7:00)

Jamie Oliver: Teach Every Child About Food (21:54)

Learn about plant based diets from the POV of Neal Bernard, MD (15:36)

Michael Pollan: Food Rules For a Healthy People And Planet (39:45)

Michael Pollan: The Omnivore's Dilemma (1:19:03)

Natural Recipes: BBQ Sauce (3:26)

NEW - Introducing functional medicine (33:42)

Oil Pulling Works Many De-Tox Miracles (5:09)

Organic, biodynamic wine (02:15)

Planting Garlic In Containers (2:05)

Powerful Healing Properties of Mushrooms (6:44)

Probiotic Jewels Called Kefir (1:35)

Real food, real easy (08:37)

Real news about food (17:04)

Recipes For Juicer Pulp (1:41)

Reishi Mushroom Removes Moles, Restores Eyesight, Darkens Hair, And More (1:45)

She Healed Herself From Metastatic Breast Cancer (5:15)

Simple, cheap nutritious food (09:20)

Smashing Superfood That Could Put The Skin Care Industry Out of Business (6:00)

Sprouting (2:23)

Stockpot Broth (8:57)

Striking Oil: Natural Fats Stop Weight Gain and Cure Depression (5:17)

Sweet Poison: Sugar (13:06)

Sweet potatoes is packed full of vitamins (02:02)

The Amazing Benefits Of Chia Seeds (4:25)

The Benefits Of Apple Cider Vinegar (1:29)

The Benefits of Honey, Bee Pollen And Royal Jelly (4:14)

The Fermentation Revolution And The Phasing Out of Refrigeration and Pasteurization (3:54)

The Healing Power Of Ginger (10:21)

The Joy Of Juicing (1:01:29)

The magic of broccoli sprouts... (47:42)

The Medicinal Miracle Tree That Is Saving The World: Moringa (7:12)

The Miracle of Coconut Oil (4:10)

The Most Magic Of Mushrooms: Curing Cancer, Healing Immunity, Opening The Spirit and Preventing Aging (02:14)

The Omega 3 Oil That Prevents Breast Cancer, Heart Disease, and MORE (3:45)

The Power Of Raw Cannabis (11:52)

The Shocking Benefits of Ditching Wheat (4:56)

Truly magic mushrooms (31:54)

Two Simple Foods That Will Keep You Disease Free (3:40)

Vitamin D (11:18)

Watermelon As Treatment For Erectile Dysfunction (2:19)

What does evolution say we should eat? (05:10)

What Is The Best Oil To Cook With? (4:03)

Why Fermented Foods? (7:46)

Why You Should Eat Almonds (13:18)

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