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Depression Is Just Brain Malnourishment

"The Mood Cure" Author Explains

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Junk Foods Junk Moods

"The craving, depressed, anxious brain is malnourished."

--Julia Ross

Best-selling author and orthomolecular psychiatry expert Julia Ross explains in this video the simple truth that is right under our noses but we've all been too brainwashed to see: Junk food causes the brain to become depleted in the very nutrients it requires to regulate our moods. Hence the depression pandemic in the US and the western world since the industrialization of food and the mass marketing of junk and synthetic foods.

Our brains are literally starving.

In order to feed them what they need, we have to eat organic, whole foods all throughout the day, and eat frequently.

Fats, fatty acids, nutrients, minerals, and especially amino Acids all play key roles in healing depression.

Did you know that coffee depletes serotonin?

We don't need anti-depressant medications, except in rare cases. What we need is to feed the brain what it needs and what it was designed to receive: Real food, grown in mineral rich soil, without chemicals.

(This video was produced by RecoverySYSClinic on YouTube)

---Celia Farber