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Next World Health TV



Welcome to NextworldHealthTV.

This video gallery is dedicated to hosting compelling and inspiring videos about all things related to the health and healing of our minds, bodies and spirits in these unusual times. This is a free service that searches the internet for you to find videos on these topics, spanning from ancient wisdom to cutting edge info.

You will find videos on:

* foods, spices and herbs that heal

* alternative cures and integrative healing

* natural beauty tips

* make your own...everything!

* mind/ body/ spirit health and wellness

* motivational and inspirational material

* info on health issues of our time: GMO's, EMF, vaccination and more.

We have a sister channel, www.Nextworldtv.com, that debuted in January of 2011, featuring videos on sustainability, permaculture, local food, alternative energy, reducing waste, empowered downsizing and more.

It is run by myself, Bibi Farber. My sister, investigative journalist Celia Farber, known for exposing myths surrounding AIDS and the pharmaceutical industry, began contributing videos about things like radical integrative healing cures, the power of fermentation and the connection between sugar and depression, vaccination and autism.

The "ratings" so to speak were through the roof. This information was so in demand that we decided to dedicate the whole platform to these unconventional explorations into cutting edge health topics.

If you like what you see, please share our videos with friends and colleagues.

It's time to take our mental, spiritual and physical health into our own hands. We search the internet for the best and most relevant videos on these subjects so you don't have to.

To Your Health!

Bibi Farber and Celia Farber

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