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Coconut Water For Radiant Health

5 Health Benefits

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The Coconut Revolution Is Here!

One trend we are very happy about is the appearance of more and more brands of pure, unsweetened raw coconut water in American supermarkets and delis.

Coconut water, apart from being delicious, and not expensive, is a complete health elixir that does so much more for you than plain water. It is deeply hydrating, mood-boosting, replaces electrolytes, cleanses, detoxifies, helps you lose weight, assists digestion, eases constipation, improves gut flora, is an anti-fungal, immune booster, and is even rumored to be an aphrodisiac!

The only thing we love more than coconut water is fermented coconut water, which may be the single healthiest thing you can drink.

We will return with another post about fermented coconut water, but first, watch this video and stock up on coconut water the next time you go shopping.

The coconut revolution is here!

--Celia Farber

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