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Future Soda: Micro-Fermented, Probiotic, Water Kefir Brew

Soda Of 3,000 Years Ago

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New Live Culture Movement

It's a 3000-year-old soda that is popular again. Water kefir is a natural ferment that was likely first discovered by shepherds who had led their animal to drink in high mountain springs in the Caucasus Mountains.

Fermentation enthusiast Tom Boyd says that the soda business in the US "went in the totally wrong direction"

So he and two friends started a retail outlet, fermenting their live beverages in what they call "the only kefir based microbrewery", a tiny shop in Sebastapol, CA.

"All of these live culture techniques are ways to preserve and enhance the bio-availabilty of the nutrients in foods. So that's what this movement is about is bringing the live culture back so the foods can be more healthy, more wellness-providing like they're supposed to be." he adds.

Watch this and get a great health lesson on the importance of probiotics, our gut and the intestinal bacteria.

--Bibi Farber

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