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Drink Your Vegetables

Did you know that carrots are not the superstar vegetables of juicing? Or that you can juice kiwi's whole, with the skin? Or that all juice does in fact stay fresh and vital even more than 24 hours after being pressed?

This full length film by Gary Null includes plenty of new information and some important myth busting about juicing. Most of this valuable info comes at the latter part of the hour, but is worth waiting for.

No need to fast forward either. On the way we hear from random people on the street, from all walks of life about about why health matters. We learn about immunity and the importance of flooding our systems with enzymes to counter the toxins in our environment and our food.

Inspiring and motivating viewing for anyone who wants to be reminded that juicing is well worth the time and the effort, and can prevent and cure even serious illness.

--Bibi Farber

This film was produced by Gary Null