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Reishi Mushroom Removes Moles, Restores Eyesight, Darkens Hair, And More

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Perhaps The Most Important Thing In Addition To Food

We'll keep it brief: this video speaks for itself. Yes, we already told you about Reishi, but nothing is more powerful that hearing it from the horse's mouth--a fellow human being who witnessed incredible changes in their own body.

I have come to believe that Reishi mushroom is perhaps THE most important single, outside of food, tonic or herb that can be taken in the battle against toxins, cancer, aging, depression, soul fatigue, candida, and all the things we must overcome in this day and age.

As we reported in a previous post, Reishi also transforms us internally -- spiritually -- so that we soften, open up and become more connected and joyous. People often look back on their lives as "before and after" they discovered Reishi.

What a great friend of humanity this ancient mushroom is!

--Celia Farber