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For Pennies A Day, Pounds Of Greens

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The Ultimate Indoor Gardening Crop

Sprouts are a miracle food: you can grow them in a jar and in a few days you'll have the freshest, most power packed food you will ever eat.

The nutritional value in sprouts is 100- 300 times that of any other time in the life of the plant. They are loaded with vitamins, minerals, anti- oxidants, proteins, anti- aging constituents and enzymes.

This is a way to improve your health considerably, on the cheap. For pennies a day, you'll get pounds of greens.

Sprouts grown at home and harvested at the dinner table won’t have lost vitamins like store bought vegetables and have spent NO time in transit.

Easy - it all boils down to "just add water." With few resources and very little time or effort, you can supply yourself an abundance of live food, in your home, all year round.

Sprouts are the ultimate indoor gardening crop!

--Bibi Farber