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The Benefits of Honey, Bee Pollen And Royal Jelly

The Most Amazing Superfoods

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Where Would We Bee Without Them?

Nutritionist Shawn Stevenson shares a few fascinating facts about 3 things our friends, the honey bees make for our benefit.

Honey: did you know it has the highest source of enzymes in the world?

Bee Pollen: contains all the known 22 amino acids.

Royal jelly: What do you think makes the Queen Bee live for up to 7 years while the worker bees live for 3-4 months?

Workers and drones are fed royal jelly when they hatch, followed by pollen and honey for the following 6 days. The Queen Bee on the other hand, is exclusively fed royal jelly for the entirety of her life.

Royal jelly has super high antioxidant levels and can help you lower your cholesterol,
prolong your life span, keep your skin smooth, protects your liver, reduce arthritic pain and boost your metabolism.

--Bibi Farber

This video was produced by Shawn Stevenson

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