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Health and Environment


Sneak Preview: "The Big Secret" (1:13:36)

Sweden says "No" to Co-Vid Hysteria (11:08)

10 Facts About Fluoride (19:55)

10 Plants That Improve Indoor Air Quality (4:02)

A hidden poison in your food (01:01:25)

A neurosurgeon looks at fluoride and many other things (41:41)

A new way to look at "crops" (12:30)

A possible antidote to glyphosate ( 32:19)

A silent epidemic (08:11)

A source of safe building materials (01:58)

A visit with Dr. Darren Schmidt (56:02)

Addiction to cheap clothes is poisoning the planet (08:12)

Air Clearing Plants (2:50)

Air pollution and the mental health of children (09:20)

Anatomy of a smear (23:24)

Another whistleblower nurse (10:33)

Attacking the cure (08:30)

Basic facts about the corona virus (05:36)

Big Pharma, the CDC and the vaccination disaster (03:32)

Bring Back School Gardens (2:30)

Celebrities to the rescue (11:21)

Cell Phone Radiation: 10 Ways to Reduce Your Exposure (2:54)

Chemtrails = Coal ash+aluminium (13:16)

Coronavirus explained in 10 minutes (13:00)

COVID-19 is man-made (06:49)

Dealing with mosquitoes - without toxins (05:00)

Desertification is real and there is a solution (22:19)

Do You Need A Water Filter? (15:00)

Drink lots of water? (04:54)

During "The Shutdown" (34:01)

Energy from water flow (02:41)

Environmental medicine explained (23:33)

Everything you need to know about junk food (04:58)

Fauci's monstrous conflicts of interest (36:17)

Fishy business (08:55)

Fraud and heart surgery (32:37)

Fresh air (20:56)

Fruit Will Save the World (3:17)

G5 and coronavirus (57:00)

Healing the Hive (41:18)

Heart disease myths, statins, Alzheimers, cholesterol (31:06)

Historic Meeting on health and the environment (1:18:35)

Honest Medicine (13:06)

How flus work and how to prevent them (14:03)

How mold makes people sick (20:00)

How Much Plastic Do You Consume While Eating Fish? (1:19)

How To Keep Radiation Out Of Your Body (16:51)

How To Remove Fluoride From Your Body (1:37)

How US left the door open to coronavirus (04:13)

Indoor air pollution (2:23)

Is Alcoholism severe form of food allergy? (50:26)

Is there an ideal diet? (06:29)

Is your house making you sick? (27:31)

King Corn: Full Documentary (1:30:01)

LA County bans Roundup (12:39)

Life in the US vs other places (09:26)

Lion's Mane (hericium erinaceus) (01:06)

Lion's Mane and mushrooms for brain health (13:27)

Mercury Poisoning: Sources And Symptoms (9:15)

Mushrooms Break Down Environmental Toxins (4:04)

Organic, biodynamic wine (02:15)

People Power: The New Alternative Energy (6:30)

Plastic everywhere - including in you (4:58)

Powerful Healing Properties of Mushrooms (6:44)

Real doctors vs drug dealers and control freaks (15:44)

Remineralize The Earth (9:40)

Restoring the desert/Harvesting the rain (17:52)

"Scientists Resume Efforts To Create Deadly Flu Virus, With US Government's Blessing" (7:52)

"Slow Death by Rubber Duck" (13:56)

Smart Meters: Take Back Your Power (1:27:55)

States ordered nursing homes to take CoVid-19 patients (22:58)

Straight talk about CBD (12:23)

Surgeon General wants to reopen, news media say "not interested" (23:08)

Systemic medical malpractice (53:05)

Techno-Fascism (26:53)

The Coronovirus (12:44)

The Cure to Obesity is Prevention, not Surgery (08:00)

The Dangers of Fluoride in Water (11:00)

The Dark Side Of Smart Meters (32:51)

The hidden source of illness (34:32)

The Invisible Danger of EMF: Electro Magnetic Frequency Radiation (10:33)

The oil seed catastrophe (5:54)

The Optimal Amount Of Sun Exposure (6:07)

The power of the gut (20:30)

The reality of medicine in China (42:53)

The secret world of MSG (23:10)

The Swine Flu Scam (03:47)

The toxic waste dump known as the new car smell (14:02)

The wild foods in your yard (50:45)

Time for a laugh (3:33)

Time for insulation (02:28)

Toxic building materials (01:07:50)

Toxic cleaning products (05:44)

Toxic Free Paint (2:24)

Transforming food deserts ( 2:41)

Turning Backyards Into Gardens (05:33)

Ventilators a practical death sentence (18:26)

What In The World Are They Spraying? (1:37:43)

What's wrong with American medicine? (43:34)

Why are we ignoring the Chinese doctors? (8:16)

Why Facebook is so toxic (04:43)

Why Is Fluoride Added To City Tap Water? (8:22)

Your heart is not a pump and other realities (15:47)

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