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Why Is Fluoride Added To City Tap Water?

A Bad Idea Whose Time Is Passed

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The Toxic By Product Found A Market

This is the worst recycling practice in the world. This man made, toxic byproduct of manufacturing can not legally be dumped into the ocean. So where do they dump it? Into our drinking water supply!

It was a scam from the get go, with flawed science promoting the idea that fluoride prevented tooth decay. Some may still today point to studies showing benefits to fluoride for the teeth when used topically.

But no studies claim it is good to drink, only bogus studies claiming that it is not harmful.

There is plenty of evidence that it is plenty harmful. Even the pea size amount of toothpaste used for brushing is dangerous is swallowed, and you are advised to contact poison control immediately.

But in our tap water? No such warning. Same danger, just less concentrated.

There is NO link between less cavities and a fluoridated water supply. There are links between fluoride and everything from hyperthyroidism and kidney problems to lowered IQ.

98% of Europe does not add fluoride to the water. More people drink fluoridated water in the US than in the rest of the world combined. Over 60% of our municipal water is fluoridated.

Here is a link to the Fluoride Action Network, where you can see how Americans are waking up to fight the fluoridation of their water supply, and join the fight!

Fluoridation of the water supply is a bad idea whose time is passed.

--Bibi Farber

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