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The Cure to Obesity is Prevention, not Surgery

Bariatric Surgeon Dr. Garth Davis

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Eat better, not less

Bariatric surgeon Dr. Garth Davis has a problem with the medical field: it's based on curing existing diseases, not preventing disease.

The United States, an advanced country where the money is in the medicine, boasts the highest rates of heart disease, obesity and cancer in the world.

Our docs would rather profit off our disease by prescribing expensive pills and even surgeries than teach us how to stay healthy.

The surgeries don't even work, Dr. Davis claims--he found that many of his surgical patients immediately regained the weight he removed due to their unhealthy eating habits.

Dr. Davis' advice:

1. Eat better, not less.
2. Meat and dairy are bad for you.
3. Your body needs exercise.
4. Eat your vegetables.

It's all old news--if you have access to healthy food, you should eat it.