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Wisdom Through The Ages


About Our True Longing And Our Money System with Charles Eisenstein (10:51)

Alan Watts: Life Is A Dance (3:27)

Ayurveda: Secret World Of Wellness Part 1 (14:04)

Ayurveda: Secret World Of Wellness Part 2 (14:03)

Ayurveda: Secret World Of Wellness Part 3 (13:46)

Ayurveda: Secret World Of Wellness Part 4 (11:00)

Benefits of Bone Broth (1:25)

Can We Amplify Our "Authentic" Happiness? (27:06)

Cancer Curing Graviola Tree (4:28)

Cancer: The Forbidden Cures (1:32:47)

Chinese Medicine (8:58)

"Curing people doesn't pay" (18:38)

Earthing: The Barefoot Revolution (3:13)

Medicinal Cannabis: Hemp Oil Cures Cancer (52:10)

Native seed savers (24:35)

Premonitions: What They Reveal About Our Reality (29:05)

Stepping Into The Fire (18:45)

Stockpot Broth (8:57)

The Amazing Benefits Of Chia Seeds (4:25)

The Dalai Lama's 18 Rules For Living (5:30)

The Fermentation Revolution And The Phasing Out of Refrigeration and Pasteurization (3:54)

The Health Benefits Of Clay (5:24)

The History Of Halloween (42:48)

The Most Magic Of Mushrooms: Curing Cancer, Healing Immunity, Opening The Spirit and Preventing Aging (02:14)

Yoga Breathing Exercise to Boost Energy and Treat Depression (4:47)

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