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Stepping Into The Fire

Controversy Around Ayahuasca

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Evil And Dangerous?

We originally wanted to feature this film to spread informative and mostly positive messages of the ayahuasca experience in the Amazon, the psychedelic concoction that gives people a new window of understanding in their lives.

What we learned when we explored the particular ceremony site and the shaman associated with this film was quite disturbing.

"We are here to prepare people for the future of humanity" says the shaman Master Mancoluto at the Shimbre Shamanic Center. "When you take the medicine, you may think you are hallucinating, but it's a superior reality you don't understand, therefore thinking that it's a hallucination."

The film follows a small handful of Americans who journey to the center to experience a mind opening experience. They all report life changing shifts that are healing and lasting.

You will learn about the ceremony, the drug, the changes they undergo in their lives as a result.

What you don't know is that a young man of 18 died during an ayahuasca ceremony at this center after being inspired by this film, and the shaman is accused of covering up his death.

Obviously, there are tremendous breakthroughs to be had following ancient rituals and ayahuasca has been a brilliant experience for many. The experience may vary greatly from place to place, shaman to shaman.

Research everything very, very carefully folks. The film maker and main character in the film, securities trader Roberto Velez, now regrets his involvement with Mancoluto. "The man was evil and dangerous," he says, "and the whole world needs to know so that no one ever seeks him again." (from Mens, see link below)

--Bibi Farber

This film was produced by Roberto Velez

More about the controversy here: