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30 Years Of Cans = Swimming Pool (2:25)

African Rice in the Hudson Valley (15:34)

An interview with 98 year old Dr. Wareham (13:05)

Beyond disability (02:14)

Conversation With A 108 Year Old Pianist And Holocaust Survivor (12:37)

Honoring our roots (01:07:21)

How Do We Break The Habit Of Excessive Thinking? (11:06)

How To Use The Brain More Effectively (4:04)

Negative emotions and how to heal them (27:55)

Pets For Vets (7:17)

The most polluted generation (13:50)

The Science Of Persuasion (11:50)

Toxic load and other predisposition to disease (39:12)

Using Your Brain To Create Extraordinary Performance In Yourself And Others (8:46)

Who Moved My Cheese? (10:59)

Why this veteran oncology nurse quit (48:21)

Will Next World Health survive? (14:16)

Your Brain In Love (4:40)

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