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How To Keep Radiation Out Of Your Body

Easy and Inexpensive Strategies

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We Need Ongoing Detox

We don't want to give them away, but the methods outlined here are perhaps strange, possibly controversial but they are inexpensive, safe and

For sure, there is nothing funny about the increasing levels of radiation in our environment. As pointed out, it's not just the Fukushima fallout we need to prepare to detox from. The radioactive isotopes that now blanket the earth are also from Chernobyl and from over 2,000 nuclear weapons that have been detonated already.

We are all in need of an ongoing detox.

Daniel Vitalis shares with us several strategies to assist us in detoxing radioactive isotopes, heavy metals, and other toxins from our bodies on an ongoing basis.

--Bibi Farber

This video was produced by Daniel Vitalis