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Beyond Meat On The Today Show

New Vegetarian Product Fools Meat Eaters

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Alternatives To Meat, For Meat Eaters

Up until now, there have been basically two groups: vegetarians/vegans and meat eaters.

New plant based meat replacement products are coming out that are intended not for the vegetarians - but for the meat eaters!

A company called Beyond Meat makes "chicken" strips and ground "beef" that taste like the real thing. The show's anchors took this opportunity to hold a taste test. The results? They guessed wrong for both the chicken and beef!

While many may argue that delicious meatless alternatives should not try to emulate animal meat, there is a real breakthrough transformation possible here. If the meat eating population that has no intention of changing their habits ends up NOT supporting the industrial factory farm produced meat and buying this instead...that is a HUGE step in the right direction!

Disclaimer: We do not know how healthy the products mentioned from this one company are or what kind of fillers and artificial flavoring are used. We do not know if they can be made organic or GMO free. We are simply delighted that meat eaters may end up not supporting factory farmed meat as much if this type of product takes off, period.

--Bibi Farber

This video was produced by the Today Show