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Ayurveda: Secret World Of Wellness Part 3

"The Knowledge Of Long Life"

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Ancient Medicines Still Being Made

Ayurveda in Sanskrit means "The Knowledge of Long Life".

It is a system of traditional Hindu medicine based on bringing the body back to balance. Every human is viewed as a small cosmos in itself constructed from the elements of space, air, earth, fire and water. The unique mix of these elements determines susceptibility to illness.

A person who eats the right foods balances the elements of life. Eating the wrong foods enhances the body's problems.

In part 3 of this documentary, we learn among many other things about the importance of the oil, and how it is used for detoxification. The oil draws up the toxins from the skin, and several gallons are used in a massage process that leaves the oil dark and discolored.

Sesame oil, with extracts from 20 different plants simmered for 4 hours then filtered.

Also in part 3, how medicines using gold and silver are mashed for 55 days to produce tablets that cure depression.

--Bibi Farber

This video is Part 3 of a 4 part series