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GMO Animals And Seeds: Documentary

The Monsanto Problem

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Unprecedented Power And Control Over People And Nature

"The patent isn't just for the pigs. It's for the pig's offspring. So Mother Nature works for Monsanto's profit. Every time pigs naturally reproduce, that is a violation of the patent that you have to pay Monsanto for." says Andrew Kimbrell, Center For Food Safety.

It is like a nightmare from a science fiction novel, the idea that Monsanto has the legal right to patent life itself. Legally speaking, patenting living organisms is a settled case in the US.

This short film reminds us of some of the surreal outrages and crimes perpetrated by Monsanto. How about this: BT corn is registered as an insecticide. That's right, every cell in the corn has been engineered to manufacture BT, a natural bacterial toxin. It kills everything except the plant itself.

The goal is worldwide domination in the field of food production, domination over animals, plants, farmers and consumers. Mother Nature and humans, in other words.

"These oligarchies, these multinationals are owned by very few people and groups. They have the kind of power today that no emperor, king or pope ever had in history. Monsanto is one of those global corporations...they're the latest type of feudal lord." says Jean Ziglar, UN Special correspondent and author.

--Bibi Farber