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Globesity: Fat's New Frontier

Obesity Is Not Just For The Rich Countries

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From Starving To Obese, Still Malnourished

Obesity is insurmountable health crisis. And it's not just in the US anymore, it's taken hold in poor and emerging countries.

Not so long ago famine was number one health issue in poor countries. Now it's obesity.

Watch this documentary and see why. Kids in some parts of Mexico don't even have drinking water in their schools: they have soda. Even babies are given Coca Cola instead of a milk formula.

"In China the usage of sugar and oil has led to rapid enlargement of waistlines; in Brazil global food companies have basically changed the usual daily intakes of food and sent the national scales spinning. In India it's anticipated that 100 million people will have diabetes in the near future and in Mexico, the largest consumer of carbonated beverage in the world, where diabetes is already a headline killer and where the weight problem is so acute, special programs have been made available offering free fitness classes and bariatric surgery. If you thought obesity was just an issue in the first world economies, like the US, UK and Australia, this documentary will set you straight." writes Top Documentary Films

There are predictions stating that by 2030 one billion people will be obese.

How on earth will we cope with this?

-- Bibi Farber

This documentary was produced by Foreign Correspondent