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The Greater Good: Documentary Explores Vaccination (Full Movie)

Neurotoxins On The Rise

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THREE TIMES The Doses Since The '80's?

Did you know that in 1980 there were 23 doses of vaccines parents were expected to make sure their children had...and in 2010 it went up to 69 doses?

We are injecting kids with THREE TIMES the vaccines as we did in the 1980's.

Are they safe? Has testing been done? Is it optional or mandatory to comply with this schedule? What are the possible side effects? Why is this not common knowledge?

The Greater Good is an award winning documentary that tells the story of three families whose lives have been forever altered by vaccination gone wrong, and brings us into the world of the individuals and organizations who believe a lot more questions need to be asked.

Kids are being injected with neurotoxins on a mass scale, and it is causing an explosion of health problems never before seen in these numbers.

"Autism is only one kind of brain and immune dysfunction associated with vaccination. Millions of children in America are chronically ill and disabled." says Barbara Loe Fisher, President of the National Vaccine Information Center.

Gardasil, the vaccine against the HPV virus, was supposed to be tested for four years before coming on the market. But after 15 months, the manufacturer Merck went to the FDA for "Fast Tracking". Within 6 months it was approved, and Merck stopped the trial because the drug is now approved.

Merck was actually lobbying 50 states for mandatory Gardasil vaccination before it had even passed FDA approval!

This brilliant film urges us all to learn more about the issue, and to start an informed, balanced conversation with their doctors, schools and communities.

We need to step back to see the bigger picture. Yes, true, we have beaten polio and measles and more thanks to immunization standards. But the currently recommended vaccination schedule needs to be seriously re-examined, and we need to begin a no- holds barred national dialogue about the harm these vaccines have caused so far.

This film provides the perfect departure point for this urgent dialogue.

--Bibi Farber

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