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Alert!! NYC Now Requires Flu Shots For All Preschool And Daycare Children

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Mercury Is A Neurotoxin

In mid December 2013 it was announced that children who go to preschool or daycare in New York City will now be required to get flu shots. This will take effect in January 2014 and will affect about 150,000 children.

So now we are mandating the injection of neurotoxins into the bodies of babes. This is unforgivable, extremely dangerous, and is not necessary.

Most versions of the flu vaccine contain mercury, a known neurotoxin which can cause the death of nerve cells in the central nervous system and disrupt immune and hormonal function. Obviously, in children of preschool age, it can interrupt critical stages of brain development.

Are they really worried about preschoolers dropping dead from the flu? Over 90% of flu related deaths occur in people over age 65, almost all of whom have pre-existing conditions.

It's not effective either.

Some studies have shown that children who donít receive the flu vaccine actually have better resistance to future flu strains than vaccinated children. Allowing the immune system to do its work and fight off the virus results in more generalized immunity to future flu strains.

Mother nature already got this right. Immunity gained from any version of the flu vaccine is generally thought to last less than a year, whereas if you are actually infected with a flu virus, you are immune to that strain for life.

We can not verify at the time of this posting whether or not mercury will be used in these flu vaccines for young children, but parents: know your rights! Do not let yourself be pressured into receiving a vaccine that you donít want.

If you do want your child to have it, insist that your doctor or pharmacist find you a mercury-free vaccine, and remember that all vaccines pose some risk, with or without mercury content.

This is an outrage. Let's educate ourselves and share the facts far and wide.

--Bibi Farber

For more information about the dangers of vaccines, see
The National Vaccine Information Center

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