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The Connection Between Robin Williams And Koko The Gorilla

They Shared Laughter, Silliness And Fun

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A Connection So Real

Along with the rest of the world we are devastated by the death of actor and comedian Robin Williams. We hope you will re-visit our posts about depression, brain chemistry, and the link between suicide and SSRI drugs.

Our favorite gorilla Koko, who speaks sign language, was friends with Robin Williams and is also experiencing grief over his death. Here's the touching video in which the two meet and share a tickle and a laugh.

This meeting took place in 2001. What we would show you if we could post photos here would be the sadness that Koko expresses on her face when she understands the news of Robin Williams death, announced on August 11th, 2014.

Dr. Patterson, Koko's life long trainer, also shared her memories of the actor’s visit. “Robin made Koko smile — something she hadn’t done for over six months, ever since her childhood gorilla companion, Michael, passed away.”

Dr. Patterson remembers the actor’s visit. “Not only did Robin cheer up Koko, the effect was mutual, and Robin seemed transformed — from a high-energy entertainer, into a mellow, sensitive, empathetic guy, who also happened to be really funny.”

He will be missed by all of us, humans and beyond.

For more details of Koko and pictures of Koko after hearing of Robin Williams death, see

--Celia Farber