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Never, Ever Give Up: Arthur's Inspirational Transformation

Was Always Told He'd Never Walk Again

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Just Get Up One More Time Than You Fall

This is the inspiring story of a disabled Gulf War vet who was told by doctors for 15 years that he would never walk again without crutches. His back and legs were injured from jumping out of parachutes. He was also about 150 lbs overweight.

Arthur Boorman decided to see what he could do about getting in shape. After being rejected by several yoga instructors, he found one named Diamond Dallas Page that was willing to work with him.

We don't want to spoil the secret. See with your own eyes what a miraculous transformation he made within 10 months only.

Do not EVER give up! This story serves as a beautiful reminder that you can always edit what the world, and what you have always told yourself, is possible.

--Bibi Farber

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