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The Law of Divine Compensation: Marianne Williamson

Love As The Bottom LIne

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Unique Perspective On Our Financial Condition

Marianne Williamson, renowned spiritual activist and author, makes the distinction between job vs. calling.

Her book titled "The Law Of Divine Compensation" (HarperOne, 2012) is about seeing your work as the way that you serve all of mankind, the way that you help heal the planet.

The take here is that while today's circumstances make it easy to believe in scarcity rather than abundance, in spirit there is never a lack of possibility.

Marianne Williamson speaks about extending the love that is in our hearts into whatever we do. She suggests asking: "May I be used? What can I contribute?" instead of "What's in it for me?"

What kind of attitude paves the way to material abundance?

"This book is about love as the bottom line" she says in this radio interview, "Not about ambition, but about inspiration."

--Bibi Farber

This is a segment of a radio show on New Consciousness, with host Miriam Knight