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Open Pineal Gland in Minutes

Gland In The Middle Of The Brain Connects Us To The Spirit World

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An Actual Third Eye

The pineal gland is getting more and more attention lately. It's a pea sized endocrine gland at the center of our brain that produces melatonin, regulates sleep, the onset of puberty, and many other functions. It's mostly gaining in popularity though, because it is our gateway to the spiritual world--our third eye.

This is not a matter of "woo" but rather, a body part, strikingly similar to an eye--with its own rods and cones-- that enables us to "see" the unseen. Intuition, psychic connections, and alternate perceptions of time.

One environmental threat to the clarity of the pineal gland--so named because it resembled a tiny pine cone--is fluoride. In the 1990s, a British scientist discovered that fluoride accumulates at strikingly high levels in the pineal gland--dulling its functions.

One thing you can do the help your pineal gland is avoid fluoride in your water, and try to remove fluoride from your body, which we will address in future posts.

This video which claims to have an opening effect on the pineal gland was tested by me. I found that it opened my mind up almost immediately to "see" things I was not aware of seconds earlier. A kind of feeling seeing.

It helps to do deep breathing from the belly as you watch it, on a full screen. And you may also want to turn the lights down and turn off your phone.

We'd love to hear what you experienced if you want to drop us a note!

--Celia Farber