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Eckhart Tolle: What Is The Purpose Of Mental Illness?

How To Square Suffering And Consciousness?

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Our Own Lives Are A Microcosm Of The Collective

How do we account for a consciousness depriving experience, like mental illness? What purpose does it "serve"?

According to Eckhart Tolle, everything is part of the awakening process. All suffering is really an obstacle to consciousness.

Our individual lives are just a microcosm of the collective. In a sense, life force or consciousness is just pushing through us, expressing a collective force. We are instruments.

"What we see as somebody's personal identity is not who they are. They are an expression of one that is constantly finding new channels through which to express itself in this world. So if this channel is blocked, we see it as that this person is suffering. That's also true on one level...but the personal sense of self is ultimately an illusion because who you are is timeless, and ultimately beyond the person." says Tolle.

An interesting interpretation that allows for some sense of peace, allowing that there is a larger meaning to it all than just our limited individual experience of frustration and pain.

--Bibi Farber