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Dr. Wayne Dyer: You Become What You Think About

So Choose Carefully

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"Do I Live In A Friendly Or Hostile Universe?"

According to Einstein, the most fundamental and major decision that you have to make, is to decide: Do I live in a friendly or hostile universe?

Author and speaker Dr. Wayne Dyer speaks here about the phenomenon that we DO get what we think we get. Our thoughts direct our circumstances. Think about it: everyone's life is the way they "are". Serene people have a serene life. Chaotic people have chaotic lives.

It all starts with us, with our outlook, with how we choose to work with "reality". You really do orchestrate the whole thing yourself.

"Expecting somebody else to change or something outside of you to get better in order for you to make your life work at this level that I'm calling intention is something you really have to take a hard look at" he says

--Bibi Farber

This video was produced by Hay House Radio