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Dry Brushing For Detoxification And Glowing Skin

Wake Up Your Whole Body

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Glowing In Five Minutes A Day

One of the simplest habits you can develop in only five minutes a day to wake up your lymphatic system and make your whole body glow with health is dry skin brushing.

All you need is a brush with natural bristles that you can buy at any health food store.

This video demonstrates how you can brush your whole body to detoxify your skin and wake up your whole body.

You will achieve a natural glow, and your lymphatic system will thank you.

This video was produced by FaceYogaMethod.

---Celia Farber

I am a 20 year student of the healing arts, seeking to become a certified healer in 2015. I am also a health journalist with extensive experience in the hidden truths about the paths to optimal health. My work has been published in many magazines, including Harper's, Esquire, Rolling Stone, Salon, SPIN, and many more. My book "Serious Adverse Events: An Uncensored History Of AIDS" is available on Amazon, and my website is