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Musicians On Call

Brings The Magic Of Music Into Hospitals

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Healing Before Your Eyes

This is one organization I can tell you about from personal experience.

They are Musicians On Call. They have programs in at least 6 major markets, creating an opportunity for live musicians to play at the bedsides of people in hospitals.

I have been performing on a volunteer basis with this organization since 1999 in New York City. Every performance in these hospitals has been a profound experience. I have seen kids sit up and sing who have not spoken for 2 weeks. I have seen patients the staff warned me were so far gone they would have no reaction, start to clap their hands and sing the chorus. Thousands of times I have seen people smile, transcend and escape their pain for a few moments.

No performance in a commercial venue brings this intimate and magical a connection to the experience of playing music. You literally see the effect of the raised vibrations in the room, on the family, the patient, the staff. And you get happier too!

I welcome you to learn more about Musicians On Call, and if you play music: play for patients wherever you can find them! It is so magically healing!

--Bibi Farber

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