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Love Attraction and the Dark Side: Deepak Chopra and Dr. David Simon

A Spiritual Perspective

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Have A Conversation With Your Dark Side

Deepak Chopra discusses here the beginning stages of love: attraction, awareness and communion. He believes that if you can get through these stages, you can have arrive at true intimacy.

Chemically, what is going on in the body when we fall in love is that these four start to circulate: seratonin, opiates, oxytocin and dopamine, all at the same time.

Dr. David Simon (1951-2012)was a best-selling author, the Chopra Center co-founder, and pioneer in the field of mind-body medicine. The wisdom he shares in this video is about looking in the mirror and seeing what you do not want to see.

"When you have a strong negative reaction to someone, if you are interested in uncovering the shadow, ask yourself: What is it about that person that is really reflecting back something about myself?

He says that upon closer inspection, there is some part of you that resonates with what you strongly dislike. He tells us to embrace it, have a conversation with it.

--Bibi Farber