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Feng Shui: Living In Harmony

The Space Between Heaven And Earth

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Make Room For Chi!

This is a wonderfully comprehensive and very interesting introduction to Feng Shui.

To Westerners, this may seem like a Chinese practice of how to arrange your house, how to decorate. It's much deeper than that. The very elements of the universe are at stake! Chi, the life force, must be unobstructed, free to flow, so as not to become stagnant.

Feng Shui is the fascinating science and art of how to harmonize the elements of life. Several theories are integrated here: five elements theory, the feng shui yin yang theory, and the theory of Chi and Bagua applications.

Literally translated from the Chinese, Feng Shui means "wind, water" and traditionally symbolizes the space between heaven and earth - the environment where we live.

One man in Hong Kong, who was unemployed and searching for work had a consultant make some changes, removing and adding a few items. He quickly got 4 job offers!

Enjoy this remarkable program about the roots and practice of Feng Shui. Who knows? Maybe moving a few things around will actually change your life?

--Bibi Farber

This video was produced by Martin Uhrmeister