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What Is The HIV/AIDS Connection?

Don't Believe Everything You Think

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Are They Dying - Or Being Killed?

See the trailer here for "House of Numbers" - a brilliant documentary that spotlights a few glaring inconsistencies in the decades of lies we have been brainwashed with regarding HIV/AIDS propaganda. For starters -- did you know that HIV has not been proven to "cause AIDS"? Did you know there are cases of AIDS with no HIV and more importantly, HIV with no AIDS? Did you know the tests are notoriously inaccurate? That the criteria for what defines an AIDS diagnosis varies from country to country? That in Africa simply being malnourished can render an AIDS diagnosis- even with no HIV present? Do you realize the toxic drugs they prescribe have never "cured" anyone and have killed countless people?

To be more self sustaining in the world will require that you stop and think for yourself before you ingest what the medical authorities and the media are selling you-- both in terms of harmful "medication" and fearful AIDS hype. What makes sense? Putting toxin into an immune suppressed body? Can that be healing?

The numbers don't add up. They told us the whole world would have AIDS by now. Please see this film and spread the word- especially if you know anyone who thinks being HIV positive is a death sentence.

Full disclosure: I am extremely proud to be the sister of Celia Farber, an investigative journalist featured in this film. Celia has spent years giving voice to those who question the AIDS orthodoxy. Her work has appeared in numerous publications worldwide, including Harper's, Rolling Stone, Esquire,, Gear, the New York Press, Red Flags, and many more.

--Bibi Farber

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