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The Suppressed Truth About Pharmaceuticals and Brain Chemisty: Shocking Before and After Photos Of A Woman Transformed By Orthomolecular Medicine

Drugs cause depression and addiction

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Healing Is Not Rooted In Pharmaceutical Drugs

To put it bluntly, the two pillars of psychiatric as well as 12 step solutions to depression and addiction are equally useless: Drugs cause depression and addiction, and talk therapy and willpower are missing the point.

The reason people become addicted, depressed, alcoholics and so forth can all be traced to mineral and nutritional deficiencies in the brain. Healing is neither rooted in pharmaceutical drugs, personality, character, or will power. Instead, the underlying nutritional and mineral deficiencies must be corrected, through orthomolecular approaches, which begin with batteries to tests that trace the bio-chemical roots of mental disorder states. These imbalances, deficiencies, food allergies, toxicities, and more, and then addressed over an extended period of time with guided supplementation, dietary change, and other modalities.

Modern psychiatry does no testing of anything going on in the body at all! Instead it asks a few questions, declares a person "depressed," (one size fits all) and dooms them to years of worsened depression and addiction by writing multiple drug prescriptions. When it doesn't work the doctor changes the patient's meds.

AA and 12 step programs meanwhile, focus on talk and willpower. As pioneering PhD orthomolecular nutritionist Dr. Joan Mathews Larson, who runs the Health Recovery Center in Minneapolis, has shown through her documented decades of work healing mental disorders and addictions, re-balancing the brain is 10 to 15 times more effective in treating addiction and depression than standard treatment. 74% of Dr. Larson's patients were still sober and stable 3.5 years after treatment vs only 7% who followed conventional treatment, and, even less--5%--coming out of 12 Step Programs.

This stunning video shows you (with photos) the truth about the power of orthomolecular brain healing.

Dr. Larson is also the author of:

-Seven Weeks To Sobriety: The Proven Program To Fight Alcoholism Through Nutrition
-Depression-Free Naturally: Seven Weeks To Eliminating Anxiety, Despair, Fatigue, and Anger from Your Life

--Celia Farber

Celia Farber is an investigative science reporter and cultural journalist who has written for several magazines including Harper’s, Esquire, Rolling Stone, SPIN and more. She is the author of “Serious Adverse Events: An Uncensored History of AIDS” (Melville House Press/ Random House). Known for bold exposes of the pharmaceutical industry and related media cover ups, Celia Farber shines a spotlight on the very subjects that have been taboo for too long: What is Cancer? Does HIV cause AIDS? Do Vaccinations Cause Brain Damage? And many more...

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