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If You Listen To One Person About Cancer, Listen To The One Who Has Helped Cure Thousands

Charlotte Gerson

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How To Heal Cancer Permanently

One in four Americans will be diagnosed with cancer in their lives. We ALL have cancer, at some level, and we ALL, also, have the power to heal it.

Cancer--even end stage cancer-- is fully reversible, if we commit to a comprehensive detoxification and re-mineralization of the body, as pioneering healer Charlotte Gerson describes in this seminar, pulling no punches.

You need not watch the whole thing but no matter of you only watch 5 or 10 minutes of it, it will be the best thing you can do for yourself and/or your loved ones, in the event of a cancer diagnosis.

The main thing is: Don't be afraid. Cancer is very treatable and healable, if you are willing to do the work. Cancer is an index of toxicity as well as nutritional weakening of the body. The healing consists of non toxic, non GMO, organically grown (mostly plant) foods, minerals, vitamins, raw juices, and detoxification--with a particular focus on coffee enemas.

This is all rooted in hard science, and the known biology of the human body.

Here is a link to scientific papers documenting the rudiments of the Gerson Therapy, developed by martyred cancer physician and humanitarian Dr. Max Gerson, whose daughter, Charlotte, has carried on his revolutionary discoveries, saving literally countless lives.

--Celia Farber
Celia Farber@celiafarber (Twitter)