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Water Is Alive, Conscious and Intelligent

On The Work Of Dr. Masaru Emoto

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Love Produces: Fractal Geometry!

Dr. Masaru Emoto's work on water crystals involves exposing water to different emotional environments, freezing it and analyzing the geometric shapes it takes on.

The results are astounding. Water that is exposed to classical music, and the words "I love you" yield the most exquisite crystals possible. Water that has been exposed to violent thoughts is "ugly". It loses any geometric pattern altogether, just a disorganized blob.

Water is the most receptive of all elements. It is alive, intelligent and conscious. This is such incredible research because, yes, you guessed it: we are all composed of mostly water. And how we speak to ourselves and each other determines how the water inside us is resonating. Organized and beautiful-- or lacking pattern, just chaos?

"Fear never produced geometry" says the narrator of the water experiments, "But love did."

When a person feels love, gratitude, compassion and joy they begin to change the gravitational field around their body.

This video explores the question of focused prayer. Does it work, to pray for someone? The narrator explains that "By praying to a person, you telepathically engineer the geometry fields around their body."

You can in fact, send someone the stuff that contributes to those beautiful crystals being more present!

--Bibi Farber