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Never Leave The Playground

Stephen Jepson To The Rescue

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Games To Age Proof Your Mind and Body

Training for circus skills in your 70's? Believe it or not, that is a perfect way to develop coordination, balance and strength.

Stephen Jepson, now in his 70's, has developed a whole system of fun movement to get people back to playing, as in playground playing! He thinks it can save your life.

These are games to train the hands and feet and age-proof your body, mind and spirit.

"I believe that we were born to move, born to be active. I think a sedentary lifestyle is death: extremely unhealthy and contributes to many of humanity's modern problems, including diabetes, heart disease, obesity, depression and dementia." says Jepson.

He believes active playtime is the key to being more optimistic, happier, more creative and productive in your old age.

His sense of humor and eccentric manner make it even MORE fun.

"I want to help people not be so fall-y down-y" he says with conviction.

--Bibi Farber

This video was produced by Growing Bolder