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About Our True Longing And Our Money System with Charles Eisenstein

Are We Hardwired To Share?

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The Sharing Economy Is Not About Scarcity

Charles Eisenstein, author of "Sacred Economics" speaks here about the sharing economy, how it all goes back to our true longing to be connected to each other.

These days, money enables clear and clean transactions. We think we are more comfortable that way, not "owing anyone anything".

He makes a profound point: we are hardwired to be known to those around us. We are tribal in nature, and we desire this level of safety and connection in the tribe. In is in our DNA to work with others. When you share, borrow and lend you create ties, obligations even, that are the web of community.

So a gift economy, among other things, serves the purpose of reinforcing this innate social comfort zone.

Eisenstein says: "In the world of money, in the world of separation, people don't want that (connection). They don't want to owe anybody anything. They want to be independent."

They want the transaction to be complete.

This thinking leads to scarcity thinking instead of abundance thinking, because we deem money to be in short supply. People and community and sharing opens up a whole new dimension of abundance and security.

Think about it: of course there is never "enough", if you have to go out and get it all yourself.

--Bibi Farber

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