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What is the biggest cause of
inflammation in the body

A doctor voices his concern

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Main things to stay away from in order to
avoid inflammation and free radicals

Peter Glidder, ND, is asked what causes inflammation in the body? His response, "Life."

He goes on the say that this is in the form of free radicals in the body. You may ask, what is a free radical?

A free radical is an oxygen atom that's lost an electron. It can stick to anything and when enough of them build up they become oxidized. When something oxidizes it is destroyed.

Where do these come from? All around you, every day you come in contact with something that causes free radicals in your body.

The main cause of free radicals is fast food. Oils cause free radicals that reek havoc on your body.

The way to stop them? 90 essential nutrients and avoiding free radicals as much as possible!