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Mass censorship of health info online

Digital book burning on a scale not even the Nazis achieved

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Alternative health leaders erased from the Internet

We were among the first to warn of this back in March when "small" players in the health space were targeted.

Actually, we've been warning about it since 2008 when Brasscheck was among the first to be targeted in the way other sites are only just being targeted 11 years later.

Now in just the last few weeks...

* Facebook turned off Mike Adam's 3 million member Natural News Facebook page

* An email service called MailChimp shut down the 300,000 person mailing list of the web site

* Mercola has had all its websites, among the most popular and useful websites on the Internet, de-listed by Google so no one can find its pages in through search

Google's plan for 100% control of all future.

This is digital book burning on a scale not even the Nazis attempted.

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