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FDA Approves Electric Assault As ADHD Treatment

Fake Science + Junk Medicine = Big Bucks

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Interview with Peter Breggin MD

Just when you think it can't get any crazier...

The FDA – which sends swarms of armed agents to harass doctors who are actually healing people – just gave approval to a home devise that shocks the brain that they say is safe for “treating” ADHD.

Introducing the "Monarch eTNS" - quietly approved for use in April 2019.

The company that makes it is headed by a former oil company CEO , a friend of Ronald Reagan and George H.W. Bush and one of those rare Americans knighted by the Queen of England. It's being financed by your tax dollars and one of the most sued neurosurgeons in Southern California with a friendly assist from Mind Control U (aka UCLA.)

The technology is based on garbage science and has no medical justification whatsoever, but it's guaranteed to make the promoters some money and open the door to even more ghastly abuses

Currently, Brasscheck is the ONLY one with the in depth story.

For more information:

Brasscheck did a post-show deep dive into the backgrounds of the people working on this


The IPO filing

The leaders

The financier

The figurehead

The Chief Medical Officer

The FDA "Fixer"

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