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How To Make Herbal Salve

With Infused Oil And Beeswax

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One Less Item You'll Need To Buy At The Drugstore

Here is how to easily make your own herbal salve in any kitchen.

A salve is a practical way to preserve the medicinal quality of the plant material in a form that can be easily applied. Beeswax is the ingredient that hardens the oil and transforms it into a form that is like a lip balm.

For this salve making lesson, the infused oil has already been prepared.

Depending on the healing herb that is used, herbal salve like this one, made from comfrey oil, can replace products like Neosporin. They can be used for wound healing, aches and pains, bruises, insect repellant, and of course, just moisturizing!

--Bibi Farber

This video was produced by Mountain Rose