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Herb Spiral

A Beautiful and Fragrant Pharmacy

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Reconnect To Ancient Herbal Know How

We can become empowered in our own healing and use easy to grow herbs, especially for everyday cures of ailments like the common cold, headaches and digestive issues.

An herb spiral is a beautiful way to have healing remedies on hand.

Dr.Vivienne Lo in London shows us her creation of camomile, lavender, dandelion, chives, feverfew, caraway and more.

She emphasizes that we don't need to run to the doctor for every minor discomfort. These healing herbs have been helping humans throughout history - we just need to reconnect to the knowledge.

Using permaculture principles, different types of soil are used at different heights. The spiral accommodates plants that need more sunlight, or more moisture -- everything placed for maximum symbiosis.

What an inspiring thing- to grow your own personal pharmacy right outside the door.

--Bibi Farber