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The Dark Side Of Smart Meters

Dangerous To Your Health And Compromising Of Your Privacy

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Is One On Your Home Right Now?

Over 43 million 'smart meters' are installed in the US, on both residential, industrial and commercial establishments.

Is one on your home right now? You had better see this presentation and promptly remove it.

Engineer Rob States explains to the San Francisco Tesla Society how PG&E's 'smart meters' work and why they endanger health and privacy.

Smart Meters, their towers and antennas surround us inside and outside our homes 24 hours a day with elevated levels of Radio Frequency Radiation which over long periods of time has been proven to cause increased risk of cancers, damage to the nervous system, electro-sensitivity, adverse reproductive effects, damage to DNA and insomnia.

Smart Meters are also an invasion of your privacy. They actually send back to the power company all the details of every single instance of power used in your home... even battery power. On top of that, these meters are easier to compromise than a computer.

These 30 minutes pack a wallop of information. Keep your notepad handy!

--Bibi Farber

This video was produced by The Ecological Options Network