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The Most Magic Of Mushrooms: Curing Cancer, Healing Immunity, Opening The Spirit
and Preventing Aging


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"Mushroom Of Immortality"

I have never been more excited to discover a "new" (4,000 year old) herb or tonic or plant as I am to re-discover this most magic of mushrooms, Reishi. It simply fell from my awareness over the years on my healing journey, until yesterday I heard a podcast about it, and it stopped me in my tracks in the street. The person who was speaking about Reishi said that it had 'changed his whole life--" that the effects were not only physical and physiological but deeply spiritual.

That this mushroom had made him more human, more spiritually awake and attuned. more fundamentally alive, yet at the same time, calm inside.

Its benefits are otherworldly and broad--it's been used and revered for 4,000 years in Chinese medicine.

We promised to follow up our video on telomeres with concrete ways to enhance (lengthen) them--and here is a GREAT place to start. (Enter telomeres in the search bar if you missed it).

In these times of rising stress, we need potent--REALLY potent adaptogens.

This video sums up the known benefits of Reishi--from anti-cancer to, immune enhancing to anti-aging to the spiritual.

Reishi, how did we ever forget about you???

--Celia Farber

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Celia Farber is an investigative science reporter and cultural journalist who has written for several magazines including Harper’s, Esquire, Rolling Stone, SPIN and more. She is the author of “Serious Adverse Events: An Uncensored History of AIDS” (Melville House Press/ Random House). Known for bold exposes of the pharmaceutical industry and related media cover ups, Celia Farber shines a spotlight on the very subjects that have been taboo for too long: What is Cancer? Does HIV cause AIDS? Do Vaccinations Cause Brain Damage? And many more...