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Which Bottled Water Brands Are Good For You?

Exposing The Truth About Bottled Water

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Acid Or Alkaline?

All bottled water companies make the claim that their water is pure, chemical free, drawn from fresh springs, and (we assume) alkaline--with a high ph level.

We all know we want to be drinking water that is as alkaline as possible. But how can you know which bottled water companies are living up to their labels claims?

This video reveals the alkaline/acid results of a few famous bottled water brands. The results will surprise you. And by the way, it's not all bad news. There ARE some good ones.

We usually don't run videos that advertise products but this one has such clear and good information that we made an exception. In addition, the link to the site selling the filter system no longer works. So take the information in the first 6 minutes as the take home message of this important and helpful video. And then choose wisely.

--Celia Farber

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