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VACCINEGATE: CDC Whistleblower Exposes Fraud Aimed At Concealing MMR/Autism Connection

"Deep Shame"

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Proof That Data At The CDC Is Tampered With

This video put out by Autism Media Channel, has the voice of a CDC scientist, Dr. William Thompson, expressing "deep shame" about his role in covering up a clear link between MMR vaccine and autistic regression in a subset of boys studied.

The CDC deliberately tampered with the data in order to support the vaccine industry, and in so doing, harmed and betrayed the very people they are entrusted to protect.

This story is developing very quickly. The Truth Barrier has been covering it, and I have covered it also at Epoch Times, here. You can also follow the story at AGE OF AUTISM and Natural Health News and Scientific Discoveries -

--Celia Farber

see Celia Farber's website for more on this story