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Man Crosses Country To Find Truth About Mercury

What He Found Will Shock America

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Trace Amounts, The Movie

This is the trailer for a brand new documentary, "Trace Amounts" that is taking the country by storm, amidst an all time high of both pro-vaccine hysteria and rising awareness and activism about vaccine dangers.

"Trace Amounts" traces the journey of film maker Eric Gladen, who disintegrated neurologically after being exposed to mercury in a tetanus shot. He slowly found his way back to health, and become consumed by the need to once and for all find the truth about what mercury was doing to the bodies of millions of Americans, and especially children.

Is it the cause of autism?

We hope you see the film, and spread the word.

Help America have the conversation about vaccines that is so long overdue.

Here's some additional information:

--Celia Farber